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Please enjoy these writings "From the Heart of Jesus." My name is Joanne Lowe, and this site contains words given to me by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that these words will bless you as they have blessed me.

If I can be of any assistance to you, please feel free to contact me.

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Note from Kay:  There were so many studies that I couldn't keep up with them.  Joanne has her own web site with all of them here.



The First Step The First Step Genesis 1:1-5 Watch what you say
Stop It! Stop It! Genesis 37:3-4 Watch what you say
It Hurts It Hurts Genesis 37:3-4 Jesus will provide the love
What Do You Say? What Do You Say? Exodus 3:13-15 Can you call Him friend?
God's Tender Heart God's Tender Heart Exodus 14:29-30 Can you feel His tenderness?
Which Offering? Which Offering? Exodus 25:2 What can we give Jesus?
Please Introduce Me Please Introduce Me Deuteronomy 4:29 Meet my friend, Jesus
God's Furniture Polish God's Furniture Polish 1 Samuel 16:7 Is your heart polished?
God's Comfort God's Comfort Job 16:1-2;20-21 Do we apply judgment or comfort?
God's Blower God's Blower  Psalm 1 Need some stench blown away?
God's Rest God's Rest Psalm 4:8 Are you having trouble sleeping?
A Look of Love A Look of Love Psalm 9:1-2 When others look at you, what do they see?
Still No Room Still No Room Psalm 9:1-2 Have you made room for Jesus?
God's Format God's Format Psalm 19:12-14 Your efforts are feeble
Empty Hearts Empty Hearts Psalm 19:14 Being a vessel fit for the Master's use
A Shared Smile A Shared Smile Psalm 19:14 Bringing a smile to Jesus
A Picture of God A Picture of God Psalm 27:4 Have you seen it?
God's Construction God's Construction Psalms 33:6 Power of Words
God's Praise Team God's Praise Team Psalm 34:1-3 Are you in training?
God's Menu God's Menu Psalm 34:8 What satisfies your empty heart?
The Heart of Jesus The Heart of Jesus Psalm 34:18-22 Do you need help?
God's Promise God's Promise Psalm 37:4-5 Give the storms to Jesus
Laughing With Jesus Laughing With Jesus Psalm 37: 8-13 There's no such thing as a gloomy Christian
God's Soap God's Soap Psalm 51:1-3,7 Are you clean or unclean?
God's Heart Specialists God's Heart Specialists  Psalm 94:10 Do you practice what you preach?
God's Bath God's Bath Psalm 51:1-2, 7 Bathing the heart
Higher Than a Kite Higher Than a Kite Psalm 103:1-5 Get out of your troubles and fly!
Jesus is the Answer Jesus is the Answer Psalm 103:1-5 Are your trials unbearable?
Our Refuge Our Refuge  Psalm 105:1-5 Run to Jesus
Time for God Time for God Psalm 106:36 Where do you spend your time?
God's Protection God's Protection Psalm 121 Give the storms to Jesus
God's Vacation God's Vacation  Psalm 121:1-4 Serving Jesus does not take vacations
God's Sleeping Pills God's Sleeping Pills Psalm 127:1-2 Need sweet sleep?
God Sees God Sees Psalm 139:7-12 What happens in the dark?
God's Fabric Softener God's Fabric Softener Psalm 139:23-24 Allow your heart to be softened
Table of Love Table of Love Proverbs 3:3 What's on the table of your heart?
Decorations of the Heart Decorations of the Heart Proverbs 4:23 What do people see shining from your heart?
God's Sheets God's Sheets Proverbs 4:23 How's your heart?
I Said No I Said No Proverbs 13:1 Are you being disobedient?
God's Soothing Love God's Soothing Love Proverbs 16:24 Sharing the love
A Punctured Balloon A Punctured Balloon Proverbs 16:24 Build people up, don't tear them down!
God's Light God's Light Isaiah 9:2 Let that light shine!
Time to Rejoice Time to Rejoice  Isaiah 9:6 Take the hand of Jesus
We Don't Understand We Don't Understand Isaiah 54:10 Stop breaking Jesus' heart
No Money Needed No Money Needed Isaiah 55:1-2 Money isn't enough
Shining for Jesus Shining for Jesus Isaiah 60:1 Get up from your chair
The Light of Jesus The Light of Jesus Isaiah 60:19 The light of love
God's Tape God's Tape Isaiah 60:19-20 Tape that never lets go
God's House God's House  Isaiah 66:1-2 What does Jesus see in your house and in your heart?
Do You Know Jesus? Do You Know Jesus? Jeremiah 29:11-13 Well?  Do You?
A New Day A New Day Lamentations 3:22-23 What attitudes do you choose for today?
Shout Glory to God Shout Glory to God Ezekiel 36:26-27 Jesus reached down
God's Blessing God's Blessing Malachi 3: 8-10 Are you robbing God?


God's Peacemakers God's Honeymoon Matthew 4:18-22 Do you encourage or discourage?
God's Peacemakers God's Peacemakers Matthew 5:9 What's coming out of your mouth?
Jesus Understands Jesus Understands Matthew 5:14-16 Don't give up
All Glory to God All Glory to God Matthew 5:16 Is your heart where it needs to be?
Only One Key Only One Key Matthew 7:13-14 Have you earned your place in Heaven?
Not Enough Not Enough Matthew 7:20-21 Prove Jesus' love
God's Weather God's Weather Matthew 8:26-27 Storms in the heart
God's Righteousness God's Righteousness  Matthew 13:37-42 The time is now!
These Two These Two Matthew 22:37-40 A peaceful life is easy to have
God's Hug God's Hug Matthew 23:37 Extend the love
The Worst Scene The Worst Scene Matthew 24:30-31,36,40-42 What's worse than a hurricane?
Yes We Do Yes We Do Matthew 24:69-72 Do you deny Jesus?
Why God? Why God? Matthew 26:65-68 Have you asked God, "Why?"
What a Saviour! What a Saviour!  Matthew 27:27-31 Making a mockery of Jesus
Not Just Easter Not Just Easter Matthew 28:5-6 Easter should be in your heart every day
God's Encouragement God's Encouragement Matthew 28:20 Sharing burdens
It Stinks It Stinks Mark 5:1-6 How do you smell?
Jesus Was Upset Jesus Was Upset Mark 10:13-16 The time is now
God's Son God's Son Mark 14:65 How many nails have you added?
God's Announcement God's Announcement Luke 2:10-12 Recognizing Jesus' voice
The Greatest Birthday The Greatest Birthday Luke 2:11-14 Do you have a spiritual birthday?
Happy Birthday Jesus Happy Birthday Jesus Luke 2:40 How do you celebrate Christmas?
Never Forget Jesus Never Forget Jesus Luke 10:2 Include Jesus in your life
God's Forecast God's Forecast Luke 12:54-56 Be alert!  Danger is on the horizon!
Whose Forgiveness? Whose Forgiveness? Luke 23:39-43 Head forgiveness is not enough
God's Love Sale God's Love Sale John 3:16 Can you give something away for free that will cost you a lot?
Tired and Thirsty Tired and Thirsty John 4:5-7 Quenching the thirst
Right Now Right Now John 4:35 You need to act now
God's River God's River John 7:38 Where do you spend your time?
How Do You Know? How Do You Know? John 9:22-25 Does Jesus love you?
You Will Know You Will Know John 10:25-30 Recognizing Jesus' voice
God's Sign Language God's Sign Language John 13:34 How can you "feel" God's love?
No Rights No Rights John 19:28-30 Jesus thirsts for you
No Other Friend No Other Friend John 19:30 There is no other love like this
How Much? How Much? John 21:17 How much do you love Jesus?
God's Tip God's Tip Acts 3:6 Give what you have
Almost Home Almost Home Acts 26:24-28 Be careful not to turn people away from Jesus!
Have You Heard? Why Should You?  Romans 5:8 How many hours do you give Jesus?
Have You Heard? Have You Heard? Romans 10:17 The audible Word is powerful
Don't Do It Don't Do It Romans 12:19 Let God handle your thoughts
God's Victory Party God's Victory Party Romans 14:11 Jesus deserves it
God's Army God's Army Romans 15:1  Are we pointing fingers or lifting up?
God's Family God's Family 1 Corinthians 12:24-27 Encourage other members of the family
God's School God's School 1 Corinthians 13:11 Will you learn enough to pass?
God's Freedom God's Freedom Galatians 5:1 Are you breaking Jesus' heart?
Which Kind? Which Kind? Galatians 5:19-21 Do you know about cancer of the heart?
In the Valley or On the Mountain? In the Valley or On the Mountain? Galatians 5:22 What's it going to be?
God's Garden God's Garden Galatians 5:22-23 Are you breaking Jesus' heart?
God's Ingredients God's Ingredients Galatians 5:22-23 Add all the ingredients to create love
Under the Bed Under the Bed Galatians 6:2 Bearing the burdens of others
Glory to God Glory to God  Ephesians 3:20-21 Get excited
God's Fragrance God's Fragrance Ephesians 5:2 How does your heart smell?
God Won God Won Ephesians 6:12 You can control your anger
God's News God's News Philippians 4:8 Where is your mind dwelling?
God's Spices God's Spices Colossians 4:6 Seasoning people’s hearts
God's Reunion God's Reunion 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Will you be there?
Encourage or Discourage Encourage or Discourage 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 Are you shooting people?
The Living Word The Living Word 2 Timothy 2:15 The written Word and the Living Word
God Knows God Knows 2 Timothy 2:19 God knows what we are thinking
God's Desire God's Desire Hebrews: 1:10 How do we learn about God?
What Do You See? What Do You See? James 1:22-24 What's in your heart shows on your face
Just As Guilty Just As Guilty James 2:8-11 Guilty of one, guilty of all
What Now? What Now? James 2:14-17 Start living the Bible!
God's Friend God's Friend James 2:23 Spending time with your best friend
It Doesn't Match It Doesn't Match James 3:8-10 Can one mouth emit blessing AND cursing?
Not Shareware Not Shareware James 4:3 Don't try everything else first
Knees and Heart Knees and Heart James 4:6 Have joy in your heart
Run to Jesus Run to Jesus James 4:7-8 Our efforts are feeble
Pray From the Heart Pray From the Heart James 5:16 Pray for each other
Not Once Not Once 1 Peter 5:8 Focus on Jesus
God's Spot Remover God's Spot Remover 2 Peter 3:14 Don't let those stains set!
Amazing Love of Jesus Amazing Love of Jesus 1 John 3:1 There is no other friend like Jesus!
Tell Jesus Tell Jesus 1 John 4:7-12 Proclaim your love
What Joy What Joy Revelation 1:7 Are you ready to meet Jesus?
Whose Partner? Whose Partner? Revelation 3:15-18 Make a choice
God's Closet God's Closet Revelation 3:23 Time to clean the closet of your heart?
God's Album God's Album Revelation 20:12,15 Are you in it?
God's Recliner God's Recliner Revelation 21:4 Snuggle up into God's arms




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