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Pat Chappel
pat @

Articles by Pat:
Time With God
Unity With God
Reflection of God
Watch What You Say
Love is I AM (co-authored)


Pat has a section here at the Clarion Call.  It is called Time With God.  She has shared some information about herself there.


Note from Kay:  I "met" Pat through a prophetic web ministry sometime in 1998, I think.  She and I have corresponded, chatted on ICQ, and have had some wonderful prayer and praise sessions on ICQ.  Then, in 2004, we got an opportunity to actually meet in person.  It was wonderful!  We were thanking God for the opportunity and He said, "All you had to do was ask."  Oh my, silly us!  Since then we have been able to get together in person two more times and anticipate many more visits.

Pat and her husband make the most fantastic bouquets out of wood.  They look like real flowers but they last forever!  Here's a link to their website:  Flowering Twigs   While you're there, say HI to their webmaster.  (That's me!  LOL)

Billye Jeane Mercer

Articles by Billye Jeane:
Jewish Insights
Special section: 
Jewish Feasts and Festivals


Billye Jeane went to be with the Lord January 20, 2013.  Heaven is a nicer place because she is there.  She was a wonderful person and I shall surely miss her!


Note from Kay:  I "met" Billye Jeane when I somehow got on her mailing list.  I'm not sure exactly where I found her, but that doesn't matter.  After receiving some writings from her I remember corresponding about the Jewish feasts.  I told her how I had always wanted to know more about them and about how they reflected Jesus and the plan of salvation.  After chatting back and forth I asked her if it was OK to put her writings at the Clarion Call.  We are blessed to have her writings!

Joanne Lowe
joannelowe8 @


Joanne Lowe has her own section here at the Clarion Call.  It is called From the Heart of Jesus.  Joanne was putting out so many Bible studies that I couldn't keep up.  There are 131 studies here at the Clarion Call.  The complete collection of studies is at her own web page.  Her testimony is spread out throughout her studies.


Articles by Joanne:
From the Heart of Jesus


Note from Kay:  I "met" Joanne when she emailed me in 2005 and told me she had written some studies and would I be interested in putting them at the Clarion Call.  I told her to go ahead and send them to me and I'd look at them.  WOW!  All of a sudden there were 75 emails from her, each with a study!!  They were very good and so I started adding them to the Clarion Call.  She does so many that I figured we have enough here to whet your appetite.  If you want them all then you can go to her web pages and get the rest.

Sue Woosley

Pictures by Sue:
Sue's Photo Gallery
Eagle Head
Eagle Head on Devotionals


Sue didn't write anything here, but she did do something beautiful.  She is a photographer and is taking pictures of eagles for me.  She also has some very beautiful other pictures she has taken of wildlife.  If you are near Clayton, WI and need a wedding, graduation, or other type of photographer then be sure to contact her!


Note from Kay:   I "met" Sue on ICQ.  Now, how did we run into each other on ICQ?  I have no idea.  I'm not listed in any of their "groups" or anything.  It was a God-thing, that's for sure.

Steven Brandt

Testimony by Steven:
Astri's Story


Note from Kay:   Steven requested permission to mention the Clarion Call on his site:  Drums in the Deep.  From there God took over and he is sharing his testimony with us.

Darcia Sharp


Prose by Darcia:
Please Come


Note from Kay:   Darcia has a special relationship with God.  She gets deep into that relationship.  It's amazing how God meets each of us right where we are!

Carol Blomberg

Article by Carol:
A Diamond Mine


Note from Kay:   I don't remember how I found this article, but I was excited at how wonderfully it described the various ministries in the Body.  Carol was gracious enough to share it with us.

Ron DeMarco
Heaven's Grocery Store Home Page


Story by Ron:
Heaven's Grocery Store


Note from Kay:   You may have seen this little story circulating via email saying the author was unknown.  I've connected with the actual author.

Patty Mitchell
pattyjo @


Articles by Patty:
Reflection of His Glory


Note from Kay:   Patty and I have been corresponding for a number of years.  I can't remember exactly how long.  I think she emailed me about something she read at the Clarion Call.  Anyway, she has a special relationship with the Lord and sent me a devotional that will bless you.

Dave Smith
Living on Purpose

Articles by Dave:
We Are Here to Serve
Moses' Math Problem


Dave has his story at his own web site here.


Note from Kay:   I "met" Dave when he emailed me and asked if he could use one of the Clarion articles on the Living on Purpose site.  That was maybe some time in 2002 or 2003.  Don't hold me to that.  My mind likes to pretend that last year was 1997 or some other long gone year.

Rev. Susan E. Waldrop
Miracle Ministries

Articles by Susan E.:
Soar With Me


Note from Kay:   This was another God-thing.  I got this beautiful Word in my email.  It touched me in a big way and I'm sure it will touch you, too.

Thomas Morris

Articles by Thomas:
The Redemptive Names of God in Psalm 23


Note from Kay:   Thomas emailed me and told me he had done some research on the meanings behind the names of God and had tied them in with the 23rd Psalm.  I'm sure it will bless you!

Vickie Bray

Articles by Vickie:
It's Not a Trial, Just a Journey


Note from Kay:   I was in a Sunday School class with Vickie.  She passed this out to us and was gracious enough to allow me to use it here to bless you.

Jennifer Orr
jlo @
Alabaster Box Creations


Poem by Jennifer:
The Journey to Love


Note from Kay:   Jennifer obeyed the leading of God and emailed me her poem.  Now it is here for you to enjoy,

Lisa Rogers
lisa_rogers47167 @

Writings by Lisa:
Food for Thought
God Pushed Me
Quit Striving


Note from Kay:   Lisa wrote to me when she did a search for things relating to Clarion Call.  God has given her, too, the command to sound the clarion!  Lisa responded when God laid it on her heart to share with YOU what He has given her.

Jan Curtis
jcurtis @

Pictures by Jan:
Northern Lights, Beauty from God


Jan is a photographer who was very generous and allowed me to use some pictures of the aurora borealis that she took to bless you.


Note from Kay:   I don't remember exactly how I found Jan.  I do remember asking her if I could use her pictures at the Clarion Call.  They really are BEAUTIFUL!

Debbie Larkin
singlikealark @

Writing by Debbie:
I Am the Answer, A Devotional


Debbie's testimony:
I am God's beloved! You are, too, if you have accepted His gift of eternal life.

This gift of life that He has given me includes growing up in Dallas, Texas, being raised by a divorced Christian mother, experiencing much shame and fear, yet being raised in a large church that ministered the Word of God greatly through music. Now, years later, that gift of music is still in my heart, and I have been able to share it and pass it on to all that I meet.

My husband and I have been married for almost 32 years, and our daughter is carrying that gift of music through her voice and pursuing a masters degree in music, and our son is becoming an audio-engineer (he could produce his sister's CD!)

The gift of music was exceptional, and gave me the opportunity to sing in our church choirs from age five through high school, including concert tours throughout the US and Canada  I had two years of voice lessons taught by church members.  I participated in seven LP albums of our Westminster Youth Choir and bi-weekly recording sessions for KRLD radio's the Protestant Hour.  I had the honor of particpating annually on Christmas Eve in live broadcasts of Handel's oratorio, The Messiah, with a 20-piece orchestra from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra! Our minister of music owned an international music company, and we had a very large repertoire of music, from sacred classical to patriotic to spirituals.
We sang the Word, and I am forever grateful to how deeply the Lord wrote His Word upon my heart through the many Scripture songs we memorized and sang in those choirs.

The concert tours were primarily accapella, so listening very closely for pitch and blend was excellent training for listening to hear the still small voice of God! Now, years later, not only do I remember the songs, but also I am still willing to yield to listen closely to the Lord, especially realizing that He speaks to us in many ways, even through other people.

The two poems in the devotional here at the Clarion Call were put on my heart during a long season of health struggles. An unrecognized hemorrhaging problem, that lasted for over seven years, caused me to be very weak and needing much rest, up to 16 hours of sleep per day. Through this, the Lord drew me closer and closer to Him, and He would speak to my heart, and I kept a spiral tablet nearby to write down His words. I was amazed to see that they came out in rhyme! Years before, I had written poetry, some with humor, but many with philosophical ideas of love and life and purpose. I had not written poetry for 20 years, and when I began writing down these words from the Father's heart, I saw how deeply His poetry penetrated my heart, healing wounds that I could not even describe.

Truly, the Lord binds up the broken-hearted. I no longer had shame, fear, or anger that had been deep inside. Through His healing process inside of me, He enabled and continues to enable me to share His healing with others. And He has given me great boldness to proclaim His healing love. That is His love as I cannot love like this on my own.

But even greater still, He has given me a deep desire to serve Him in all I do, say or think and to truly rejoice during times of loss. Through Him I can rejoice, realizing that He is removing more of me, and replacing that with more of Jesus!

May you be strengthened and encouraged by His Words, even those coming through this vessel.


Note from Kay:   Debbie and I have been corresponding for a while.  How did we find each other?  Good question.  God is the answer!

Donald Eilers
gae44dre @

Articles by Don:
Death of Self
A Relationship With Papa
Papa God

God's Leading


Donald's testimony:
This is a story of Don’s life from August 5, 1970.

I was a normal American boy and young man up until that time. I didn’t care much about God or His Son and thought only of myself. Up until that time, life was just what I had to do to enjoy myself. There was a lot of “booze” which worked into other drugs.

I joined the Air Force in August, 1966 to keep from being drafted into the Army. I spent 3 years stationed in England as a Security Police Officer, canine patrol. I was reassigned to the United States, Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota. All four years of my off time I spent “partying” with the guys. Then on August 4, 1970, 10 days before I was supposed to get out of the service, I was out with some friends. We started drinking before noon and had a car accident the next morning around 1:00 or 2:00 A.M.

The car went off the road and when we tried to get back on the road, the front axle snapped and from what I’ve been told, the car rolled 3 times and went end over end 3 times and ended up against a tree. That was the start of my road back to God.

All I know is what I hear which is that I was shipped to Fitzsimons Hospital in Denver, CO.  My folks were called and told about the accident, where I was, but were told not to hurry out because I probably wouldn’t be alive when they got there, but my God had other plans for me.

I spent 2 months unconscious, with a refrigerator blanket on top of me as well as under me to keep my temperature under control. They had me strapped in bed so I wouldn’t pull my IV’s out and was fed through tubes.

This whole time the doctors kept telling my Mom that I probably wouldn’t live, but if I did, I would be a vegetable. In October I came out of it but knew very little of the accident or anything else in my life. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t talk very good. That was the start of my recovery. From Fitzsimons I was shipped to the VA Hospital in Omaha, NE so I would be closer to home. I spent almost 2 months there before they let me go home in a wheelchair.

The next 3½ years were spent trying to get better, learning to walk, talk and finally meeting the best woman in my life. Every year I had to go back to the VA hospital for an exam to see if I had gotten any better. At my yearly exam in 1974, the Air Force decided I was fit for world wide duty and gave me the option to come back in or they would give me an honorable discharge.

Thank goodness I had a father that told me I could never get any insurance for myself, so I would be best off to go back into the Air Force. I went back in and was retrained into procurement, where I spent another 3½ years at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. I had a Master Sergeant who worked to get me permanently discharged for medical reasons. A doctor on base agreed and said he would do all he could to help me.

After they gave me my medical discharge, I came back to my home town with my wife and two boys. That’s when God really started working. I accepted Christ as my savior in 1980. Things didn’t change much.  In the meantime, I tried to do as much as I could and did not think of or depend on God as I should.

From 1980 until 2000, I had had seven operations. One operation for plastic surgery on my tracheotomy scar, three operations for an abscess in my abdomen, one operation just to see where all the drainage was coming from;,one operation removing my left kneecap, and one back operation. On February 18, 2000, I had my left knee replaced but it didn’t work out very well and 1½ years later I had to have it replaced again because I was falling down too many times. Sometime during those two years between knee replacements, Papa God really started working on me, breaking me down to where I had to be totally dependent on Him.

He became my Papa, my Savior, and my Guide. I still have a lot of problems, but He has given me a peace that goes beyond anything I can tell you. It has become a relationship that grows with every minute of my life.

There are a lot more things I could tell, like taking a 34 year smoker and helping him quit in one night or the things He has told me. These things should be enough for anyone to see my God and the kind of relationship He wants with each and every person.

I hope this helps explain where I am at with my Papa and as far as writing the story, I don’t think most would believe it anyway, but if I can convince just one person to trust Christ as savior then all I go through is worth it.

With Love in Christ


P.S. This has happened to me since I wrote this. On September 11th 2004 while I sat here at this computer my wife of 32 years had a grand maul seizure in another room and died. That whole night I kept asking the Lord how much more I had to give, but God is faithful and did answer me in His time to show me why and bring a peace back in me. I still mourn my loss, but He has helped me greatly.


Note from Kay:   I "met" Don when he emailed me in 2005 saying he had a great testimony and had written something about "Death to Self".  That email arrived shortly after God had let me know He was sending more people to write things for the Clarion Call.  I read his email and was overjoyed at God's faithfulness.  I hadn't replied to Don when my computer crashed and took my email with it.

A couple of months later Don wrote again because he hadn't heard from me.  Hooray!! 

Mr. Anonymous

Articles by Mr. Anonymous:
Do We Have to Understand the Bible?


There is an author who prefers to remain anonymous at this time.  If you would like to write to him you can send the email to me and I will forward it to him.

His testimony:
Several years ago God introduced me to him with an audible voice, and told me to "get off the road there is a drunk coming." That was way up in the bush country in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. I thought my wife said it, and she said she never said anything. The voice repeated the saying again and this time I pulled the car off the road and stopped. My wife got irritated and asked me why I stopped. I told her what I heard and she pointed out that there were no vehicles in front of us or behind us. There was a sharp curve just ahead and we had just rounded a sharp curve behind us

We waited for approximately two minutes when all of a sudden a station wagon rounded the curve ahead of us. He struck the gravel shoulder in front of us and popped back onto the highway. When he went by us he was so drunk his head was bumping back and forth against the steering wheel. His wife was sitting next to him with a petrified look on her face and there were two children standing up in the back.  A police car rounded the corner shortly and he was arrested.

I was so spiritually blind at that time, that I thought the voice I heard came from a UFO!  Two years later, I took awfully sick, and the doctors couldn't find any thing wrong with me. I was living a in a small village 60 miles away from doctors.  I worked alone six miles outside that small town running a gas compressor station for Trans-Canada pipelines. I was working mostly electrical/mechanical maintenance as a technician and I was trying to hold my job even though I was very sick. For some unknown reason I started taking a Bible to work and when I wasn't busy I started searching the word.  I kept saying, "If you exist, reveal yourself to me." Then I would say, "How can I love you if I don't know you?"

I searched the Bible, and couldn't understand anything in it. That went on for two months.  By then I had lost over 20 pounds because of whatever illness I had. One night about 2:00AM I was fed up pleading with him to reveal Himself (if He even existed).  At the time I had been studying something in the book of Psalms.  Since it meant nothing to me, I gave up and I went outside and was looking up at the dark sky. I was in the bush country, a mile off the Trans-canada highway in no-man's land.

As I looked up in the sky I saw writing that looked like neon type writing and it said to go to the book of Luke to a specific chapter and verse.  I don't remember exactly which one. I immediately walked back in to the building, picked up my Bible, and turned to that verse.  There it showed me what the verses in Psalms meant that I had not been able to understand!

I was so excited I started praising him and I was instantly healed!  I kept on studying and I had a strange feeling like a pipe was being pressed into the right side of my head.  No matter what I read He was giving me an understanding of what it meant. God did many other things in my life in the years that followed. There is so much to say that It would take me all night to write it down.

I gave this testimony to a lot of people.  Some believed it and others didn't. I have no reason to make this up.  I didn't look for him until I was crushed. sick, and at an end. I have a feeling that I had absolutely nothing to do with my coming to him. He did it all.


Note from Kay:   I "met" this gentleman when he sent me an email with much of the information you will see in the article he wrote.  The more I read the more excited I got.  It was really good stuff!

I got his permission to share this study with you.  Maybe if you are touched by the article or by his testimony you can email me and let me know and I will forward your email to him.

i.eutychus @
 (Gary Moore is Eutychus' real name)

Index to articles by Eutychus:
Time for the Harvest


Gary has his own section at the Clarion Call. He chose the name Eutychus (Acts 20:9) when he wrote because that's what he calls his sense of humor.  You can read more about him there.

Anthony Reagan

Index to articles by Anthony:
Time for the Harvest


Anthony's testimony:  Hello!!  My name is Anthony Reagan.  This was supposed to be an autobiography of me.  Instead I want it to be about JESUS...the Lamb of God.  He took our sins upon Himself.  He is the Savior of the world!!!!  Meek in heart!!!!  He is Love, Merciful, born in Bethlehem, died on Calvary, resurrected the third day!!!  Now He is seated at the right hand of the Father.

 He is a loving Savior Who is the Great Shepherd.  His blood remits sin!!!!  Great is teh LORD, and greatly to be praised. He has credentials that are out of this world!  He is JESUS, He is my LORD, He is my HOPE!!!! 

Neil Ralley
neilepi @ 
Stained Glass Photography


I wanted to find some pictures of stained glass windows to use in the Time With God section.  I found a site maintained by Neil with a lot of pictures he took.  He was gracious enough to allow us to enjoy his pictures.

Poets and Other Authors

Joseph Addison Richards:   Yours or His?


Jim Bishop, Miami Herald:   There is No God


Joshua Harriss:   The Room


Note from Kay:   These came from old books, emails, and other places.  I'm not sure how to contact the authors in some cases so am hoping, if they find themselves published here, they will allow their anointed works to continue to bless people here at the Clarion Call!

Obtained from Mailing Lists


Pauletta Caylor Drive Out the Enemy
redcaylor @


Jill Austin Bridal Garments of Humility
Master Potter Ministries    info @


Musa Opiyo You Cannot Face This Battle On Your Own


Pam Clark Understanding the Ministry
Trumpet Wind Ministries     pamclark @


Paul Keith Davis:  The Primary Redemptive Names of God
White Dove Ministries


Notes from Kay:   I belong to a few prophetic mailing lists and sometimes receive something that goes along with a study here.  I'm sure they will bless you as much as they blessed me!

*There are a few prophetic ministries who have chosen to no longer give out their email addresses.  I guess they no longer need encouragement from the rest of us members of the Body of Christ.

These people (listed alphabetically) sent things to me that they found or read.  Some of the above authors also submitted material.

Kelley Cochrun She is the daughter of the head football coach that my husband coached with for many many years.  Kelley and I went to the football games and yelled really loud.  We made up cheers, made up football plays, analyzed the uniforms of the opposing teams, and just had fun... no matter what the score!

Wayne and Connie Cochrun:  Kelley's parents.  Wayne used to coach football with my husband (he was the head coach) and Connie was a football widow, just like me.

Carol Cook:  She used to live across the street from my mother.

Al Cunningham:  A very good friend of mine.  He was the leader of a small praise group that I was in, he was my boss once, and he is is my soul mate in the Lord.

Mario Guerrera:  Mario emailed me with some more information about the instrument, clarion.  I added that information here .

Yvette Kruse:  She's my neighbor right down the street.  Her son is one year older than my "baby".  We used to take the boys for long bike rides when they were  young.  We don't see each other much because we are both so busy.  The good thing is that, no matter how little we see each other, we are still good friends.

Junior Lloyd:  Junior's wife is my long-time prayer partner.

Ross Lybarger I met Ross when his daughter and my son were in band together and we were booster parents.  Now he is my mechanic and is still a friend.  He is a blessing in many ways.  It is truly a blessing to have an auto mechanic that is so honest that I feel comfortable in taking my truck to him and telling him to fix it and not worry if he will do more work than necessary.  His sense of humor is almost as warped as mine (try harder, Ross!). 

Joel Meyerett:  He's my oldest son.

Pam Meyerett:  She's my sister-in-law.

Kay Nelson She was my mom.

Elinor Newman:  She emailed me with a question and ended up sharing with us! 

Dee Payne A good friend of mine with a crazy sense of humor.  She and her husband are in a western re-enactment group with my husband.  They have a web site:  Guns and Garters.  If you go there say "HI" to their webmaster... that's me!

Steve Thom:  Steve and I were in the band together in high school.  He and I got back in touch with each other and find we both have a deep love for the Lord.  He lives in Indianapolis.

Gloria Welch:  I met Gloria in 1985 when my oldest son and her daughter were in the high school band together.  We were booster parents.  Gloria is a sucker for punishment and continued to be a volunteer parent supporting the band and we ran into each other when my youngest son entered the band in 1998.  She's a special person.

Sandy Stenman:  She is my husband's aunt.

Charlie Meyerett:  My husband.

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