Why "communion" page?  Communion comes from a Latin word meaning mutual participation.  I am here for you, but you are here for me, too!  Here are five ways we can communicate:

By the way,
my name is Kay Meyerett.
Nice to meet you!
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The Clarion Call has a mailing list. That is a way I can communicate with you.
If you join you will be notified when there is anything new here at the Clarion Call.

Every once in a while you will be sent something along the lines of spiritual insight or thought provoking information also. I subscribe to a few prophetic and other newsletters. Occasionally I feel the Lord urging me to send some of those on to the people on my mailing list.

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You can read the old entries here.

The Clarion Call now has a Facebook page.  If you want to start a discussion with me or others who are fans of the Clarion Call that's the place to do it.

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