Jewish insights by Billye Jeane

Billye Jeane went to be with the Lord on January 20, 2013.  She was such a blessing while here on the earth as you will see by the things she wrote.  She is greatly missed!

So, why am I... "a blood-bought, baptized in His name, New Covenant believer/gentile" interested in studying the Jewishness of the Bible?  Well here goes:
To fully comprehend our Christian faith, we should know about this fascinating heritage.  I am a Apostolic believer, which means, like you, we have our roots in Judaism/Hebraic Roots!
1. We study a Jewish book.
2. That book is penned by Jewish men, except one ...Luke... a Gentile.
3. We serve a Jewish Lord.....who, by the way, is coming back as "King of the Jews."
4. We desire to follow the first century church which was first predominately Jewish.
5. And, through Christ, we are grafted into a Jewish family!
(Please remember I'm trying to keep this simple!)
It makes sense to me to study the Jewish culture!
Much of the Bible is mysterious to most Americans:
1. The Baffling phrases,
2. The sometimes difficult to understand words of Jesus,
3. Unconventional holidays, and parables are only understood with an awareness of the Jewish culture,
4. And our Christian's roots are deep in Judaism through Christ.....all the way back to Abraham!
"And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." (Galatians 3:29)
Studying Scripture from our "Western/American/Greek" view is like looking for gold in a dark mine with a pen light! You can see enough to stumble around, but you need more Light to see clearly.
A good grasp of the ancient Jewish customs and terminology will allow you to look at the Scriptures with a new awareness this time using the "Flood Light from Heaven," exposing wonderful details and treasures and finding nuggets of pure gold.
These studies will be "little nuggets with a Jewish flare" that I believe will help you in your study of this wonderful Gift from God....The Word!  But, as always, you be like the Bereans in Acts 17:11, "they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so."

 Shalom and blessings,  Billye Jeane

These studies are designed with many different fonts
 If you want to view them the way they were designed go download the following fonts here:
Calligrapher, Lucida Blackletter, Matura, Monotype Corsiva
God's Appointed Feasts God's Appointed Feasts God wanted His people to have certain celebrations, certain sacred assemblies
Butchers and Shepherds Butchers and Shepherds Are you being driven or led?
315 Messianic Prophecies 315 Messianic Prophecies The Bible told of Jesus
Shrimp Bucking the Crowd Shrimp Bucking the Crowd What will keep us upright?
One Nation Under God One Nation Under God Are we?
Guidance Guidance Letting God lead
Jewish Holiday Calendar Jewish Holiday Calendar A tongue-in-cheek look at the Jewish holidays
Christian One Liners Christian One Liners Some funny and some serious
Measure of Faith Measure of Faith A prayer for more
Footprints of Faith Footprints of Faith Faith:  Need it?  Have it?  Need more?
The Rifle Range of God The Rifle Range of God Hitting the mark set by God
The "U" in Yeshua The "U" in Yeshua You/U are a part of His name!!
God's DNA God's DNA How are we linked to God through DNA?
Orange Juice Redemption Orange Juice Redemption Salvation and orange juice have something in common
The Proof is in the Pudding The Proof is in the Pudding Does God test us?  If He does, why does He?
Turn or Burn:  Jonah the Reluctant Prophet Turn or Burn: Jonah the Reluctant Prophet Insights into the story of Jonah
Jacob's Ladder Suluum Yakov... Jacob's Ladder How does the story of Jacob's Ladder from the Old Testament apply to our lives today?
The Voice from the Whirlpool The Voice from the Whirlpool God speaks to us in every day situations.
Silver Plated Christians Silver Plated Christians Are you silver plated or are you silver through and through?
The Alabaster Box and Me on the Sea of Galilee The Alabaster Box and Me on the Sea of Galilee A short story about my visit to the Sea of Galilee and how God spoke to me through a piece of alabaster.
Holy Ground... Israel the Holy Land! Holy Ground... Israel the Holy Land! Information about churches and holy spots in Israel from my trip to Israel.
Looking for the "o" in G-D! Looking for the "o" in G-D! Why do people spell God without using the 'o,' like G-d?
Aliyah...Going Up Aliyah...Going Up Your goal should always be to go higher to a higher place in God!
David vs. Goliath at the Valley of Elah David vs. Goliath at the Valley of Elah There are unseen battlegrounds in our daily lives.
Fountain of Blood Fountain of Blood Thank You, Lord, for the BLOOD OF THE LAMB!
The Wisdom of God The Wisdom of God Don't worry about what you are going to say. God has the words you need.
My Pavilion...crawdad hole! My Pavilion ... Crawdad Hole! Lessons from a quiet place.
The Ancient Hebrew Culture The Ancient Hebrew Culture Important things to know to help you in your Bible studies.
Star of David? Star of David? The history behind the Star of David.
What is this evil eye? What Is This Evil Eye? What does it mean to have an "evil eye?"
The Columbia and the Torah The Columbia and the Torah The story behind the Torah that was destroyed in the space shuttle Columbia.
Torah Scroll Torah Scroll Pictures and information about Torah scrolls
Lord, behold their threatenings Lord, Behold Their Threatenings Jesus fulfilled prophecy.
Mourner's prayer and shema Mourner's Prayer and Shema A description of the Shema, the mourner's prayer.
Counterfeit or the Real Thing? Counterfeit or the Real Thing? Have you studied so you won't be fooled?

Written by Billye Jeane Mercer

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