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Every once in a while I receive an email with an inspirational story that I wish I had kept.

Off and on I do a deep study on a subject and wonder if there is someone else that might like to have that information.

Those and other interesting things are in this collection.

Updated 5/6/13
Fonts used in The Clarion Call Fonts used in The Clarion Call Want to see the pages as they were designed to be seen? You can download them here.
Just Askin' Just Askin' Why does God allow bad things to happen to us?
Mothers Asked Mothers Asked Why did my son have to die?
Dependence Dependence Pleasing God
God's Leading God's Leading Interesting things God is telling a believer about churches
The Little Girl The Little Girl Children's ideas about God are sweet and refreshing
Installing Love Installing Love 1.0 If you can't get "love" installed in your "system" here are the directions
The Beauty of Math The Beauty of Math Can we incorporate God's love into math?
A Christmas Newsletter from Jesus Christmas Newsletter from Jesus Upset about how people take Jesus out of Christmas?
1Peter 1:17-21 1Peter 1:17-21 A long sentence broken down into understandable parts
 Believe It!  Believe It! Some amazing stories that have been verified as being true
God Says It So You Better Believe It! God Says It So You Better Believe It! Whom are you going to believe?
Great Learning Tools Great Learning Tools Mnemonics, acronyms, and other things worth remembering
Quotable Quotes Quotable Quotes Things worth repeating
12 Tribes or 13? 12 Tribes or 13? Why do people talk about the 12 tribes of Israel when there were 13?
Will All of Israel Be Saved? Will All of Israel Be Saved? What do the scriptures say?
The Parable of the Donuts The Parable of the Donuts Thinking about a gift that was given whether you wanted it or not
Memo From God Memo From God God wants to handle our problems
Myths Taught About the Bible Myths Taught About the Bible Don't make assumptions that what you hear is true
We Can Learn a Lot From Dogs We Can Learn a Lot From Dogs The world would be a lot nicer if we acted like dogs.
The Results of Choices The Results of Choices What can you say to someone who says God doesn't exist?
Remember the Mayonnaise and Coffee Remember the Mayonnaise and Coffee An interesting take on prioritizing what is important in life
Christian Mothers Christian Mothers It's time to honor Christian mothers for all they do!
Bless My Computer Bless My Computer Why should God bless a box filled with electronic parts?
The Road to Success The Road to Success Can we reach success?  What does it take?
Jesus 1.0 Jesus 1.0 Is there such a thing as a perfect computer program?  Yes!  This is it!  Install it today!
What's Your Excuse? What's Your Excuse? Are there reasons why God can't use you?
It All Depends on Whose Hands It's In It All Depends on Whose Hands It's In Some insignificant things can become valuable in the right hands.
23rd Psalm, more than meets the eye The 23rd Psalm
More Than Meets the Eye
We've all read the 23rd psalm.  Read it again in a new light.
Names of God Names of God God has many names for a reason.  We can use them as we pray or as we read our Bibles and "personalize" God.
Pennies from Heaven Pennies from Heaven What's so special about a penny?
You Can Break the Chain! You Can Break the Chain! Chain letters that are supposedly helping someone by being sent on to all your friends and relatives... are they true or are they a hoax.  Here's some help on finding out.
The Refiner's Touch:  Malachi 3:3 The Refiner's Touch:  Malachi 3:3 Seeing the relationship as God, a refiner of silver, to our lives today.
The King's Highway The King's Highway A story about doing for others
Northern Lights beauty from God Northern Lights - Beauty from God God put some beautiful things here for us to enjoy! The Northern Lights are some of the most spectacular!
What exactly is crucifixion? What Exactly is Crucifixion? None of us have ever seen someone crucified. What exactly happens? What did Jesus suffer for us?
Jesus is in the House Jesus is in the House Why won't Jesus help? Why do we have to keep doing everything ourselves?
Moses' Math Problem Moses' Math Problem What are the logistics of such a large group of people moving across the desert?
The Wonders of God's Universe The Wonders of God's Universe God's universe is a truly amazing thing! Here are some pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope of parts of God's creation.
Abraham's Forefathers Abraham's Forefathers All of Abraham's forefathers back to Noah were alive when he was born. Check out this chart!
Vows to God Vows to God A vow is a promise. Is it necessary to make promises to God?
The Genealogy of Jesus The Genealogy of Jesus The Bible has a list of Jesus' human ancestors. Here is a chart that lists them all.
Kings of Israel and Judah Kings of Israel and Judah The kings of Judah and of Israel... which were good and which were bad? Are you confused? This chart might help.
Bind and Loose How to Bind and Loose Does binding satan tie him TO someone or something or does it tie him up so he can't move?  Is loosing satan actually freeing him to do more or is it separating him from a situation or a person?  Draw your own conclusions after reading these scriptures.
Hints for church leaders Hints for Pastors, Teachers, and Church Leaders from a God Seeker You may not realize some simple things that people don't know.
Hints for church leaders God Made Pastors AND Prophets God has placed pastors and prophets together to edify the Body of Christ.
Hints for church leaders Who Was That Woman? A woman anointed Jesus with oil. Was it one woman and one occurrence, or was it two? Who was the woman? Was she a prostitute?  Here is what the Bible says.
Scriptures for husbands and wives Scriptures for Husbands and Wives What does God want to say to husbands and wives?
Bible promises Promises From the Bible You can be sure of these!
Salvation scriptures A Collection of Salvation Scriptures What does the Bible say about salvation?  Can you lose it?
Silly things in the Bible Does the Bible Really Say That? There are lots of silly sounding things in the Bible.  Of course, it takes a silly sense of humor to see some of them.

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