Index to Other Bible Studies
These are studies that were not part of the Weekly Word Bible studies.
These are by various authors.

One Year Bible Reading Plan One Year Bible Reading Plan The books of the Bible are not put together chronologically which can confuse us.  This great chart gives you a different way to study your Bible... in order of the way things happened.
Comparing Different Versions of the Bible Comparing Different Versions of the Bible Are different versions of the Bible just written to make things easier to understand or do they change the Word of God?
God Wouldn't Do That!  Would He? God Wouldn't Do That!  Would He? God doled out some mighty severe punishments in the Old Testament
Quit Striving Quit Striving God wants us to stop "doing" and start "being"
God Says It So You Better Believe It! God Says It So You Better Believe It! Whom are you going to believe?
Great Learning Tools Great Learning Tools Mnemonics, acronyms, and other things worth remembering
12 Tribes or 13? 12 Tribes or 13? Why do people talk about the 12 tribes of Israel when there were 13?
Will All of Israel Be Saved? Will All of Israel Be Saved? What do the scriptures say?
A Relationship With Papa A Relationship With Papa You have to get away from "self" to have that relationship
Why I call God "Papa"
Trust Trust Either you trust God or you don't
Death of Self Death of Self It is no longer US, it is HIM!
Myths Taught About the Bible Myths Taught About the Bible Don't make assumptions that what you hear is true
The Results of Choices The Results of Choices What can you say to someone who says God doesn't exist?
23rd Psalm, more than meets the eye The 23rd Psalm: More Than Meets the Eye We've all read the 23rd psalm.  Read it again in a new light.
Names of God Names of God God has many names for a reason.  We can use them as we pray or as we read our Bibles and "personalize" God.
The Refiner's Touch:  Malachi 3:3 The Refiner's Touch:  Malachi 3:3 Seeing the relationship as God, a refiner of silver, to our lives today.
Moses' Math Problem Moses' Math Problem What are the logistics of such a large group of people moving across the desert?
Abraham's Forefathers Abraham's Forefathers All of Abraham's forefathers back to Noah were alive when he was born. Check out this chart!
Vows to God Vows to God A vow is a promise. Is it necessary to make promises to God?
The Genealogy of Jesus The Genealogy of Jesus The Bible has a list of Jesus' human ancestors. Here is a chart that lists them all.
Kings of Israel and Judah Kings of Israel and Judah The kings of Judah and of Israel... which were good and which were bad? Are you confused? This chart might help.
Bind and Loose How to Bind and Loose Does binding satan tie him TO someone or something or does it tie him up so he can't move?  Is loosing satan actually freeing him to do more or is it separating him from a situation or a person?  Draw your own conclusions after reading these scriptures.
Hints for church leaders Who Was That Woman? A woman anointed Jesus with oil. Was it one woman and one occurrence, or was it two? Who was the woman? Was she a prostitute?  Here is what the Bible says.
Scriptures for husbands and wives Scriptures for Husbands and Wives What does God want to say to husbands and wives?
Bible promises Promises From the Bible You can be sure of these!
Salvation scriptures A Collection of Salvation Scriptures What does the Bible say about salvation?  Can you lose it?
Topics from Weekly Word Topics from Weekly Word These are all the studies that were written by Kay for the Weekly Word

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