Clarion Call Prose:
Words assembled in a beautiful fashion, including poetry, prose, Words from God, prophecy, and scripture.

"Poetry is the grouping of words, phrases, and ideas that have always loved each other, but never got together in that combination before."  --Author Unknown

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The Most Beautiful 
		Use of the Alphabet

The Most Beautiful Use of the Alphabet A spiritual use of the alphabet

A Prayer

A Prayer Simple and profound

The Anvil- -God's Word

The Anvil- -God's Word Just as anvils wear out hammers the Bible wears out its critics

How the Great Guest Came

How the Great Guest Came What would you do if Jesus came to visit?

At the Place of the Sea

At the Place of the Sea When you think you have reached the end God takes your hand

Song of Hope

Song of Hope Don't get in the way of what God is doing

At the Gate of the Year

At the Gate of the Year Comfort when we have to go into the unknown

God Pushed Me

God Pushed Me We have to learn how to trust Him

The Journey to Love

The Journey to Love Press on!  The journey is not over.

It's Not a Trial, Just a Journey

It's Not a Trial, Just a Journey Do you feel "beaten up" by your trials?

He IS!

 He Is! Read this and be encouraged!

Yours or His?

 Yours or His? Feeling sure of your talents and skills?

The Garden

 The Garden What should you plant in your spiritual garden?

The Weaver

 The Weaver  A poem that helps us understand why God allows things to happen

Please Come by Darcia Sharp

 Please Come  God is calling us to come. We must obey the voice of the Lord!

The Masterpiece

 The Masterpiece  God is the healer of our soul

Heaven's Grocery Store

 Heaven's Grocery Store A wonderful poem about all the things that are available for Christians for free.

God Said, "No"

 God Said, "No" Why does God tell us, "No?"

There is No God

 There is No God If there is no God then why...?

The Room

 The Room This story will surely cause you to reflect on how your actions make a difference.

The Letter

 The Letter Your friend writes you a love letter.

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